Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Disclaimer Post...

So I have decided to go on what I am labeling a "Health-and-Wellness-Self-Improvement-Journey."  However, before I get into why I decided to start this journey, I felt the need to post a small disclaimer.

I have to admit, I think it's a little disheartening that I really felt I needed to post a disclaimer first, but when I would mentally plan out some of my blog posts, I would hear the theoretical comments that some people would post (presuming people actually read this =) ).  I am well aware that behind the curtain of anonymity that the internet can provide, people feel the need to bestow their unsolicited and unedited opinions on how you are living your life and there are, often times, people whom are just rude and vicious.  I have no issues with people whom have positive, uplifting things to say or even constructive criticisms and advice.

I know that I am not fat.  I know that, to most people, I actually look too thin.  
Know that my goals are not to lose weight.  I am actually quite happy with where my weight is right now, I'm just not happy with the type of weight it is and where it's collecting and how I look without a shirt on.

If you haven't already, you will probably roll your eyes, sigh, or even get annoyed with some of the things I want to correct and that's fine.  I know that there are many people who struggle with their weight and have severe body image issues and even health issues.  The main point of this disclaimer is simple:  This is not about you.  Our journeys, bodies, thoughts, processes, and self-images are different.  Anytime someone who is labeled "thin" or "skinny" by the masses tries to get into exercise or diet correction, the responses are almost always the same:  "Go eat a hamburger!"  "Why are you worried about that stuff, you look fine!"  Well I am just getting to the point where I don't feel fine, so I am working to correct it and perhaps prevent some of the health issues that are surely waiting for me down the road.  So my second point of this disclaimer is:  Haters, back off.  I'm writing this blog as a means of documentation, motivation, and an accountability tool to keep me going towards my goals.  This journey is about getting back on track, getting balanced, and feeling good.

So remember:  This is not about you and Haters, back off.
Now...time for the real blog =)